Welcome to The PET Centre at St Thomas' Hospital London

PET Centre Reception

With more than 20 years experience of PET and PET-CT scanning and now also PET-MR, the Centre provides PET services for referred patients at a local and national level and performs clinically related research. We scan over 4500 patients per year, and the enhancements of our newly refurbished centre let us be there for our patients at every step of the experience and make it as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Our PET Centre is a centre of excellence with an international reputation for delivering the best patient care, highest quality academic research, and training. We strive to make a difference for the patients we scan, and via the research we perform.

PET-CT Scanner with patient

Our mission is to perform basic, translational and applied clinical PET research across all specialties including oncology, neurology/psychiatry, and cardiology. We welcome work with external collaborators, including industry. We aim to obtain the best possible quality and reliability for all studies we perform.

The Centre develops exciting PET methodology (e.g. PET-MR), and also performs cutting-edge research into innovative radiochemistry using our in-house cyclotron and our wide range of multidisciplinary expertise.


Medibord launches a new Siemens Biograph mMR (PET-MRI) solution

Empty PET-MR scanner

In collaboration with our PET Centre, Medibord has developed a PET-MRI overlay which has been especially designed for a head and neck cancer research project within their PET Centre. The purpose of the research project is to establish a good quality PET-MR protocol for patients with head and neck cancer to be scanned in the radiotherapy treatment position, with the immobilization devices in situ.

For further information please contact Medibord,follow the link to the TOHETI website for the full article or contact us via our research pages.

2016 Course dates now live plus a new course for PET-CT and SPECT-CT users

PET Methodology Brochure Photo

We are pleased to announce new dates for our short courses as well as a brand new two-day course on CT principles, technology and practice, aimed specifically at PET-CT and SPECT-CT users.

Places are filling up fast for all the courses so if you want to register or learn more about our courses and what is included please have a look here .

Using PET scans to monitor treatment

PET Scans Monitor Treatment

Exciting new clinical trial results show that some patients with Hodgkin's Lymphoma could be spared damaging radiotherapy and still be free from their disease three years later. Academics including those from King's College London have published a study that offers patients better choices regarding treatment.

Read more about this article.

Neuroanatomy for Imagers

Students revising together

We are proud to add a brand new one-day course called 'Neuroanatomy for Imagers' to our teaching section.

The course has been designed for people working in imaging but with no neuroanatomical background and will be held on the 5th of March with future dates to be determined.

There are still places available for this and our other courses so learn more about what is happening here

PET Centre Opening

Plaque reveal at the PET Opening Event

The newly refurbished PET (positron emission tomography) Centre at St Thomas' Hospital was officially opened on Friday 26 September. The Centre's refurbishment forms part of a wider programme at the Trust to use state of the art imaging technology to diagnose disease.

Read more about the special event here